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Surely our play-on-words has alerted you to our rainbow-centric brand--

we hope gay women will think of our coffee as their coffee. 

It's all in good fun, but we take our coffee seriously.


Two Roasts: 

Perfect Roast  is our signature coffee. Grown in Rwanda, a  young coffee growing region, our coffee is a medium roast sourced from a women's coffee cooperative. With low acidity, creamy, silky body and smooth finish, the rich flavor is infused with floral notes, citrus highlights and the suggestion of caramelized sugar. 


Special Roast is our special blend of perfect Rwandan beans and organic coconut flakes. Create a unique twist to your morning cup of Jo!  Some say coconut adds a kick to your immune system, others report an extra boost of energy and some say it improves metabolism.  Regardless of potential health benefits, the subtle, smooth taste is something special!

Lezbeans Coffee


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