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Coffee Conversations

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Welcome to the Wild Women Coffee Conversations Blog: Musings about coffee, travels in the coffee belt, and women who drink coffee and inspire us.

Enjoy this collection of occasional essays that always circle back to coffee.

We two authors inhabit a little corner of coffee space. We love to travel in coffee growing climates and experience the cultures of coffee growing people. We dabble in coffee roasting, and learn from observing master roasters. We watch barista competitions and play at steam milk designs and surface powder stencils in our kitchen. We share our limited knowledge of the mysteries of coffee through workshops and presentations. We brew coffee in limitless iterations to share with friends and new acquaintances and try our best to learn about the world through the people who live in it with us. We laugh a lot, with each other, with our friends, and often with strangers. Our blog is a reflection of what we know, what we learn, what we admire. It is flavored by the ribbon of coffee running through it.

Reading and writing both require coffee! Here are some of the coffee books that inspire us to write.

A note about the WWC LogoGirls

Our Logo is intended to be whimsical composites and a little unfinished. Sort of like us. The colors--a sort of orange, and a sort of purple, primary color blends--are representative of so many of us: a little of this and little of that and not fully defined in any one way. The LogoGirls represent us on our packages. They travel with us and love to get their pictures taken. Follow them on Instagram to see all their adventures

Blog or newsletter or both?

We publish an occasional newsletter but the blog format allows us to get our thoughts out more quickly. We'll re-publish some of our newsletter content here and post a link to full newsletter issues. We hope you enjoy reading our coffee musings. We have fun writing them. Leave comments, subscribe, and by all means, buy coffee!

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