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Why Sleep Now?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

"vintage" sign (brought to us by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine—who knew?) tells us that caffeine is a “moderately effective alerting agent” and can improve reaction times, mood, and mental performance. It works best when taken intermittently. So, Drink coffee all day! (with pauses)

They go on to say that coffee accounts for 54% of the caffeine consumption in the world, and Americans consume three times more caffeine than the world average at 300 mg per person. (Aside—tea has less caffeine but the English and Swedes drink so much tea that they still double the caffeine intake of Americans)

A normal dose of caffeine is 50-200 mg. while a dose of 500 to 600 is like a low dose amphetamine . I always choose the middle ground so with tea at 55 mgs, coffee at 95 mg per cup, and energy drinks at 170; I suggest coffee for all!

The AASM suggests use in moderation to avoid disrupting sleep. Yawn... Who has time to sleep anyway? I’m thinking this sign makes a whole lot of sense!

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