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Read about coffee!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

So everyone reads the paper with a cup of coffee; what about reading about coffee with a cup of coffee? The biggest shared database of library books is What started as an optimistic cooperative cataloging experiment among college libraries in Ohio has become the biggest non-bookstore in the world. I say non-bookstore because it is actually a gigantic library where you can borrow any book you can imagine by having what you find sent to the library that is closest to you. Create an "account" (there is no money involved) so that you can maintain lists of what you want to read and so that the system knows where you live (at least the zip code ) and can identify libraries close to you. Search for "coffee history" and get over 27,000 results. Limit by books written for children after 2000 and there are only 27 titles to examine for relevancy. So, check out AND your local library and read about coffee!

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