Our mission is to share superb coffee, exchange ideas, and collect spare change to inspire change. 


We will buy, roast and sell responsibly sourced coffees from around the world, present the history, horticulture, and production of coffee, and demonstrate brewing  methods and cupping. 


We pledge to give back to the coffee community at every level -- from international bean sourcing to local distribution.

We two Wild Women were high school classmates who each went off and lived her life only to meet and connect again forty years after graduation. Our yen for a "second-act" and  appreciation for good  coffee  led to this excellent roasting adventure.​​

We grew up in a suburban village outside of NYC during a time when teenagers were known to get a little “wild.”  Long hair, the Grateful Dead, tie-dyed t-shirts and aviator wire framed glasses are all part of  our heritage. In high school, one of us was so cool  she got her parents to let her wear blue jeans to school;           the other one changed into embroidered denim in the locker room and then back into her skirt at the end of ninth period.  

This is Us

​Our older brothers had draft cards with numbers that were less scary once Saigon fell (if the war hadn’t ended one of us would have Canadian nieces and nephews), and since 16 year old girls look older than 18 year old boys, we never got carded at the village pub on Saturday nights.


Who knew we’d consider those days tame as we look back from what we then assumed our sixties would  be -- the quiet, reflective, sedentary years of our decline!  At the risk of embarrassing friends and families,  we now do our best to live exuberant, fearless, wild lives! We ski downhill fast, sail close to the wind, dance to music that moves us and drive with the top down - sometimes even turning off the GPS! We let our hair do what it wants and only rarely remember to put on make-up...but we never forget the sunscreen...


We are wilder than our teenaged-selves could  have ever imagined!