We got to thinking...

We enjoy sipping wine in the evening and coffee in the morning and one day it occurred to us that the similarities between wine and coffee are astounding! 

  • Both originate from crops that have a long history of  cultivation, where place of origin and soil conditions create varied plant characteristics and product flavors. 

  • Techniques for processing the fruit yield nuances in taste and body, and preparation and presentation add even more qualities.


Truly, coffee is so akin to wine that it deserves equal product scrutiny and drinker  education, so we began to study and roast.


Coffee's rich, aromatic brew is the product of arabica and robusta plants that grow in over 70 countries across Latin America, southeast Asia and Africa. Our presentations provide coffee drinkers  with an appreciation for the millions of people  who grow, harvest and process the berries, and we hope our roasts do justice to their work by bringing out the unique taste that is in the heart of every bean. We believe conversations about change (and pocket change itself) can positively touch the lives of those who are at the very core of the coffee industry.

Since coffee is non-alcoholic, events that feature it can be enjoyed by everyone.  Our coffee cupping gatherings are inclusive and safe ~ and way more fun than any stodgy wine tasting!