coffee roaster

The perfect roast brings out the best in a bean.


Our "Wildly Popular" offerings come to us from our partner roaster in Connecticut using a state of the art, energy efficient, eco-friendly roasting process that creates a socially responsible product that is the best tasting coffee you can pour!

Our "Wild Bean Dreams" are small-batch smoked, convection, and hot-air roasts available on-demand and roasted to order from our green bean selection.  This is also where you will find unique small runs of coffees from around the world--inspired and traded via crypto-currencies. 


Wild Women Custom Roasts

We buy green coffee beans from single source growers primarily in Central and South America,   and after a lot of experimentation we have settled on three primary roasting techniques—convection and hot air and smoker—and produce a variety of roasts which we use in our tasting and educational events.

The micro-roasting processes we use allow us to observe and control how quickly the bean hulls warm to the point of cracking, how long the cracking is allowed to continue,  how much much sheen develops from the seeping oils, and how quickly the beans will be cooled after the source of heat is removed.  The afternoon sounds and smells of  green beans roasting  signal a luxurious beginning to the next day--starting with a smooth, bold, hot cup of Wild Women Coffee. 

RotiSSerie Smoked 

Who knew beans crackle and burst when they rotate together in a rotisserie basket? Smoked over cherry chips, the permeated beans don't disappoint.

Iron Convection

Jozzi has perfected the iron roast by evenly distributing the beans and surrounding them with dry heat and stirring them just as the oils emerge

hot air roast

When hot air is applied to our beans the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire batch. As the beans expand and crack, the chaff is literally blown away.  Bitter taste from our air roasted coffee  isn't even possible!